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Saturday, March 11th, 2006
5:46 pm - On Introductions...

For someone who doesn't like to talk about themselves, introductions can be very difficult. However, since whispernox has asked, I'll try. I'm an over-forty (though no one believes it) ex-Christian who has returned to his pagan roots and now lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Like most, I'm on the path of spiritual awakening and one of the milestones on my path was the revelation that Darkness was not the domain of evil, but rather an alternate way of living. I have always been drawn to the night and dark places, but never felt free to indulge that part of me until I finally left the Christian church, where I was once a minister, and entered the shadows. There is great liberation in finding one's true self and their place in the Universe.

Necromancy is a fascination of mine that I'm allowing to slowly reveal itself. I feel a kinship with Cernunnos and the Morrigan and feel a connection to the Faerie Realms.

I guess that's enough for a start. I'm eager to hear of the experiences and trials of others on the Shadowed Path. It's nice to be here.

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Monday, February 20th, 2006
4:12 pm - Books of Interest: Underworld, Necromancy and Voodoo

Underworld Mythos (beyond the basics on my page):

Ancient Mystery Cults by Samuel Angus
Egyptian Book of the Dead
Tibetan Book of the Dead
The Greek Way of Death by...some other guy
Reading Greek Death by S-Inwood
Aghora I, II and III by Robert Svoboda
Nightside of Eden and Hecate's Fountain by Kenneth Grant
The Underworld Tradition by RJ Stewart
Dream and the Underworld by James Hillman
Making friends with Death by Judith l. Leif
Children of Kali by Kevin Rushby
Tree of Evil by William Gray
The Witching Way of the Hollow Hill by Robin Artisson


Forbidden Rites and Conjuring the Spirits by Keickhefer
Book of Black Magick by EA WAite (not much here, but something)
Communing with the Spirits by Coleman
Psychic Self Defense by Denning and Philips, and Fortune
Greek and Roman Necromancy by Daniel Ogden (an EXCELLENT resource)
The Necromantic Ritual Workbook by Leilah Wendell (not recommended, though her art is excellent)

Voodoo: (I haven't read many of these, but they all come highly recommended by experienced practitioners of one kind or another)

New Orleans Voodoo and Tarot Book- by Sallie Ann Glassman, formerly of the OTO, an excellent deck
Divine Horsemen by Maya Deren
Voodoo, Mounted by the Gods by ...somebody...
Voodoo in Haiti by Alfred Mertauix
Secrets of Voodoo by Milo Rigaud
The Complete Book of Voodoo by Pelton

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
8:31 pm - MEMBERS ONLY!!!

You may apply for membership whenever you like, and I will review your request and add you. HOWEVER, if you:

1. Have a history of internet troublemaking (Not including you, Robin. *wink*)
2. Are a notable troll
3. Don't really have much to contribute (including psycho-babble, blatant falsities or if you "tlk leik dis" or IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, expect to be banned or simply not accepted.

All the other regular LJ rules apply (IE: Don't post porn, don't solicit for sex, stay on topic, etc.)

This is a community dedicated to the darker side of magick and mysticism, especially the Inverse Tree and Underworld Magick. It's the evolution of my former group "UnderworldMagic", that was pretty dead anyway. I decided to be more picky about who I choose to be on the listing so that learning conditions are optimal.

Please refrain from posting memes, as well. Thanks.

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